The Enûma Eliš: An Adaptation

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

Part four.

Part five.

Part six.

Part seven.

Having crowned him the gods continued to sing Marduk’s praises and lauded him with still more names, each one greater than that last.

Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu called him, each one bestowing unto him three names. They addressed the assembled gods: We have given him names attesting to his character, his power, and his authority.

The gods proclaimed Marduk’s praises: We shall extol the names of the champion. We shall extol the names of the one who provides according to his word!

We name you MARU-KKA; you gladden the heart of the Anunnaki.

We name you MARU-TUKKU; it is you who protects the people of the land.

We name you BARA-SHA-KUSHU; you are lord of the tender heart.

We name you LUGAL-DIMMER-AN-KI-A; your commands are exalted in Heaven.

We name you NARI-LUGAL-DIMMER-AN-KI-A; at your name all gods shall tremble.

We name you ASAR-ULU-DU; you are truly the light of the gods.

We name you NAM-TILL-AKU; the power to revive and restore is in your hands.

We name you NAM-RU; O shining one, you illuminate darkness.

We name you AS-ARU; your hands bring forth the bounty of the land.

We name you AS-ARU-A-LIM; it is in you that the gods of Heaven and Earth place their hope.

We name you ASAR-U-A-LIM-NUNNA; you direct the decrees of Heaven.

We name you TU-TU; it is you who stills the gods to rest.

We name you ZI-UK-KINNA; the gods of Heaven and Earth shall remember your deeds.

We name you ZI-KU; O mighty lord, you establish holiness and abundance.

We name you AGA-KU; in your hands are the power to revive and redeem the oppressed.

We name you TU-KU; you name is a spell murmured by those who praise your name.

We name you SHA-ZU; it is you who discerns the hearts of gods and men.

We name you ZI-SI; it is you who silences the usurper.

We name you SUH-RIM; you scatter the wicked and bring their plans to ruin.

We name you SUH-GU-RIM; you destroy the offspring of the wicked.

We name you ZAH-RIM; it is you who pursues and overcomes evil.

We name you ZAH-GUR-IM; you destroy your enemies.

We name you EN-BILU-LU; it is by your word that life flourishes.

We name you EPA-DUN; your word brings order to the abundance of the land.

We name you EN-BILU-LU-GU-GAL; you bestow abundance and opulence.

We name you HE-GAL; by your word, rain falls upon the Earth.

We name you SIR-SIR; O faithful shepherd of the land.

We name you MAL-AH; Tiamat is your vessel and you, the rider.

We name you GIL; who stores grain for the people.

We name you GIL-MA; you create security for gods and men.

We name you ARIL-MA; O exalted one.

We name you ZUL-UM; O god who maintains good things.

We name you MUM-MU; O god who sanctifies Heaven and Earth.

We name you ZU-LUM-MAR; you have no rival.

We name you GISH-NUM-UN-AB; it is you who created the foundation of the Earth.

We name you LUGAL-AB-DUBUR; you subvert the power of chaos.

We name you PAGAL-GU-ENNA; O preeminent among the gods.

We name you LUGAL-DUR-MAH; O exalted one among the gods.

We name you ARA-NUNNA; you are the counselor of your father Ea, who is Enki, and Nudimmud.

We name you DUMU-DUKU; your true dwelling is within the Sacred Mound.

We name you LUGAL-KUDU-GA; without you, no decision is made.

We name you LUGAL-LANNA; your might surpasses the strongest of gods.

We name you LUGAL-UCCA; your wisdom knows no bounds.

We name you IR-QINGU; it is you who establishes the right to rule.

We name you KIN-MA; it is you who gives counsel to the gods.

We name you ESIZ-KUR; you are enthroned in the house of prayer.

We name you GIB-IL; your mind is beyond comprehension.

We name you AD-DU; your roar is heard over all of the Earth.

We name you ASHA-RU; you design the destiny of gods.

We name you NE-BIRU; you traverse the Heavens and the Earth.

Enlil, son of Anu and brother of Ea, spoke aloud in the midst of the holy assembly: Let him also be called by my own name, for as I am called ENKURKUR, we shall call him by the holy name of ENKURKUR!

Ea rejoiced at this proclamation of praise as he too shouted aloud: My son’s name has been praised among the hosts of heaven, earth, and the deep! He shall also be called by my own name, for as I am called EA, we shall call him by the holy name of EA! I give him my name and with it my authority to do as he wills among Heaven and Earth. He shall know my holy rites. My secret spell shall be his; my decrees shall be his.

Together, may the gods of Heaven, Earth, the Underworld, and the Deep shout aloud for their champion.

Together, the people fashioned by the hands of the gods to tend their garden upon Earth proclaim the wonders of his power and majesty.

Fifty are his names.

Fifty are his great names. 

Fifty are his holy names given to him by the holy tribunal of Heaven.

Let all who hear these names remember them; may they be upon the lips of the one who brings counsel to their people.

May they be upon the lips of the wise who seek the counsel of the gods.

May the father teach these names to his son.

May those who trust in him know abundance.

His word is true and that which he decrees shall go unchallenged.

No one can change the course of his word. His might knows no end and none can stand against him. Great is his anger but deep is his all-embracing heart. His mind discerns the thoughts of gods and men, and in his presence, transgressions are made known.

Let all eyes see him, let every ear hear him, let all with breath praise him. He alone has slain Tiamat, the great dragon who sought to blot out her children, and was crowned king in the holy assembly of the gods.

Oh Marduk, you are worthy of praise, for great are your names in Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.

Great are your names in the encompassing Deep in which your father resides.

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