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“From the arid Tigris-Euphrates River Valley to the greater Levant; from the Bible to Frazer’s The Golden Bough; from pastoral plain to palace, the name of the lusty and tragic Dumuzid was spoken, written, and read. Whether in his Semitic form as Tammuz or his curious incarnation as Adonis, this complex god has as much paradox woven through his very being as his mercurial spouse, Inanna.

Sometimes man, sometimes god; both living and dead, his role in myth, cult, and ritual is never static and it is not surprising that academics consider him to be “bewildering.” It is this bewildering and wholly liminal figure that is explored in Samuel David’s latest book, The Red Shepherd: Towards A New Image of Dumuzid.

A stark departure from his previous title, Rod & Ring, The Red Shepherd combines historically informed adaptations of myth and liturgy; ritual running the gamut from the devotional to the erotic, exorcistic, and malefic, all with the express purpose of revivifying the cult of this ouranic, tellurian, and chthonic god in our own contemporary and quite liminal world.”


Preface by Alexander Eth, host of Glitch Bottle.

Illustrated by Rowan E. Cassidy & Joseph Uccello, “The Red Shepherd” is the next title in line to be put in production by Anathema Publishing Ltd. very shortly and pre-orders for this exquisite title should begin no later than Friday, June 9th 2023, for an estimated release around August 2023 at the latest.

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